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Waterfall: Rebirth
Couch Prints
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Release Date
September 15, 2023

Couch Prints' debut LP is out September 15, 2023 via Music Website.

Critical Reception

"...The song’s particular alignment of brisk drum programming, fuzzed-out guitar crunch, buzzy keyboard melodies, and rousing vocal hooks has me standing on the rooftops shouting out, “Baby, I’m ready to go!”..." -Stereogum on "True Religion"

"...amazing new track..." -Gorilla vs. Bear Blog Radio on "True Religion"

"...beautiful...instant add to our best songs of 2022" -Gorilla vs. Bear on "Impressions"

"...second gorgeous single of 2022..." -Gorilla vs. Bear on "Horsepower"

" expansive effort from the band, detailing darkly poetic caverns of grief and emptiness amidst swirling indie rock guitars." -Under The Radar on "Alive"

Song of The Day -Northern Transmissions

"...smooth, melancholy-fueled..." -IMPOSE on "Weakness"

"beautifully melancholic" -FLOOD on "Alive"


“It’s difficult to distill the record down to a cohesive idea, because it’s served as a journal for the last 3 years of our lives, but it’s generally an exploration of the different worlds within America. I (Brandon) write most of the lyrics, and as a military kid I moved around a ton. I grew up mostly in a deeply suburban town called Lakewood in Colorado, and eventually moved to the greatest city on earth (New York) where we currently live.

About 50% of the record is an ode to (American) suburban malaise, the pure boredom and sheer sense that life is absolutely pointless and generally grueling. The sports games, the binge drinking, the standardization of everything, the long drives, the fabricated dramas. There’s a sort of simmering to life there, punctuated by the occasional horrifically violent event via overdoses, car crashes, or shootings, and many of the songs are written about those punctuations.

Another 25% is about love, we’ve felt it, you’ve felt it, it’s fun to write about. Generally our songs take a melancholic/fatalistic view of love: the inevitability of its fading, the fear of giving yourself up, the twin shadow of pain within every moment of pleasure.

The rest of it is about life in New York, a city of dreams, propped up by its own legend and its inhabitants desire to transcend beyond themselves and their hometowns. This part is about obsession with success and accumulation, obsession with the unhindered Ego, and its parallels to a broader American capitalism. Like America itself, it is a place with breathtaking highs and humiliating lows; endlessly stimulating yet empty of principle."


Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 True Religion 2:59 Buy

    True Religion

  2. 2 Horsepower 3:56 Buy


  3. 3 Impressions 3:00 Buy


  4. 4 Weakness 2 (ft. Ero) 2:33 Buy

    Weakness 2 (ft. Ero)

  5. 5 Waterfall 3:16 Buy


  6. 6 All I Know 2:53 Buy

    All I Know

  7. 7 Hours (ft. Ginseng) 3:15 Buy

    Hours (ft. Ginseng)

  8. 8 When Purple Changes 3:37 Buy

    When Purple Changes

  9. 9 Lightning 2:28 Buy


  10. 10 Alive 4:09 Buy


  11. 11 Waterfall Rebirth (ft. Junius Karr) 2:28 Buy

    Waterfall Rebirth (ft. Junius Karr)

  12. 12 Waterfall Rebirth (ft. Junius Karr) 2:24
  • Couch Prints - Waterfall (Official Music Video)

Couch Prints

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